How to find your Marketing Agency in Valencia

At the moment you may be diving among the thousands of results that Google shows around the search “Marketing Agency in Valencia”.

Specifically, there are 467,000 pages that the search engine returns to this question. But, how do you know which is the starting and ending point of the crawl? How to find the right agency among the huge offer?

There are many possible reasons that may have led you to enter a constant “search and capture” loop for the perfect marketing agency. Perhaps you have been doomed by one of these situations:

  •  Your company has considered immersing itself in a new territory previously unknown: the interesting, deep and changing world of marketing.
  •  You have decided to outsource your department and subcontract the services to an expert company in the field.
  •  You are looking for a little push, advice through a consultancy .
  •  You have decided to change your current agency for one that truly understands your objectives and gives you confidence from the hand of results.

Well, whatever the reason for your inquiry, capital smart city promise to help you clear the question “Marketing Agency in Valencia” so that the result is as close to one as possible.

Like everything in life, achieving a goal requires guidelines, in this case, the keys to finding your ideal  marketing agency are the following:

1. Stop searching

The first requirement requires a stop along the way.

You have to pause the search, most likely to suffer from infoxication,  the  intoxication of information. The need that invades us to analyze the totality of data produces a counterproductive effect and becomes the main obstacle to moving forward. It is the dense amount of information that makes it unmanageable and saturates our ability to process .

2. Clarifies 

Before pressing Enter on the computer, ask yourself the following questions:

Is my search hasty? 

It is convenient to previously structure in a draft  different concepts, ideas or approaches around the possible marketing objectives to be achieved:

  •  Increase in web traffic
  •  Increase in sales
  •  Generation of notoriety
  •  Community growth
  •  Customer loyalty

This small scheme will help you detect at a glance the affinity between your company and the analyzed agency, evaluating their proposals quickly and efficiently .

What type of agency should I consult? 

Don’t settle for just anyone.

The type of actions carried out in B2B and B2C companies are very different from each other. Choose only those agencies that have experience in your sector . Remember that your company offers a very specific product / service to a specific buyer persona  and, therefore, requires a specialized agency capable of understanding and interpreting their needs.

3. Use appropriate Keywords


Now that you have a deeper understanding of the requirements of your company, you will agree that the search “Marketing agencies in Valencia” is too broad and generic for the specificity that your company requires.

The only way to find the necessary precision is through the use of specific Keywords in the search engine.

We will use “long tail” words to narrow the search as much as possible. We understand as “long tail” those words that define the content of the search in a very specific way, reducing the focus only to those pages that may really interest us.

In the event that you want to reach a much more exact level of precision, you can make use of the different Google matches . Depending on the selected match, it will return some results or others.

The different types of concordance are:

Broad match

It shows all those searches with phrases, relevant variations and synonyms of one or more of the words that make it up.

  •  Example: marketing agency
  •  Searches That May Match: Marketing Company

Broad match modifier

It allows the ad to show slight variations of that term but not synonyms.

  •  Symbol: + keyword
  •  Example: + marketing agency + Valencia
  •  Searches that may match: best marketing agencies in valencia

Phrase match

Include the exact phrase or variations of the exact phrase, with other words before or after .

  •  Symbol:  keyword 
  •  Example:  marketing in Valencia 
  •  Searches that may match: marketing in Valencia capital

Exact match

Allow the ad to show only for searches that use the exact phrase .

  •  Symbol: [ keyword ]
  •  Example:  [ marketing agency in Valencia ]
  •  Search that may match: marketing agency in Valencia

Step by Step

If you have followed the aforementioned guidelines you will have achieved:

  •  Identify the primary needs of your company’s marketing area.
  •  Recognize the Key Words for a relevant search.
  •  Approach quality information .
  •  Reduce the number of page views.
  •  Optimize the time spent  on the search and analysis process.

Check now if we are the marketing agency you were looking for and experience our way of working through a free consultation on your marketing strategy .