How to get a digital contact to become a sales opportunity

Episode 2

From Sky marketing, we continue working to bring you the most practical methods and advice so that you can achieve the best sales results for your companies. Today we continue with the next chapter in the series of three articles dealing with digital sales.

In Chapter 1, we discussed prospecting and the tools we have at our fingertips to connect with our ideal customers.

In the previous article and video we talked about prospecting and the tools we have at our disposal to connect with our ideal clients, today is the turn of maturation, that is, what to do to get a digital contact to become an opportunity selling.

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1. The importance of measuring

We already talked in the previous article that the importance of measuring our actions is the only way in which we can know how effective the strategy we are carrying out is and correct possible deviations to achieve the SMART objectives that we have for ourselves at the end of the period. proposed to achieve. Therefore, I consider it important to tell you about the following three tools that will completely change the way you work.

  •  Matrix Fit

What is it? The Matrix Fit table is the written definition of the common characteristics that all your potential clients have, and I do not mean the description of the companies themselves, but rather all the parts of a company that can help you identify a new one. Sales opportunity. We must pay special attention to the details that indicate that you can hire or buy our products and services: the size of the company, the person I should contact, what topics are interesting for him or her, among others.

To do this, you must reflect on the best accounts that the sales team has achieved for the company, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What characteristics define your business model?
  2. Is it suitable for my products, services or solutions?
  3. Contact characteristics
  4. Online behavior of the person I want to contact
  • KPI tables

A good table of KPIs to carry out a correct and efficient maturation of leads must consider those indicators that reflect the success of your impacts. It will allow you to know which conversation topics are most interesting for your prospects and contacts, which pain points are those that awaken the activity of your contacts and which messages are most effective to advance the lead in the purchase decision process.

      1. We have to work two types of KPI tables
      2. The one that measures the effectiveness of the message
      3. The one that measures the number of contacts and at what stage of the purchase decision process they are
  •  Lists and labels in CRM and Social Selling tools

The contact lists are very useful, they will allow us to have the contacts located according to the next action that we have scheduled to perform with them. The benefit of applying this way of working is that we will be more efficient since we will work our tasks in blocks, instead of going contact by contact. Also, if you have to attend to a high volume of work, it will allow you to automate actions without risking sending the wrong messages to your contacts.


2. Make your offer of irresistible value reach your prospects

In order to communicate an irresistible offer of value to your contacts and make it reach in the appropriate way in each of the stages of your prospects’ decision cycle, it is necessary that you do the exercise of measuring. If you are not willing to measure, I advise you not to continue reading this article, since to mature a contact and turn it into an opportunity, it is the only secret.

There are many ways to communicate a unique value offer for each potential client and we must play with the external factor or our framework of action, the interpretation and the connotations that the recipient of the message attaches to our company and solutions. For this reason, we must weave a web, where we take into account each of the levers that will help us so that the potential client ends up in our network:

  •  Ways to approach your prospects

In the previous article, we talked about the different places where our prospects consume information. In this phase, many of them have already become contacts and we must take advantage of all the effort made in the creation of the contents mentioned in the previous chapter, to energize themselves in the plates that are named below:

      1. Automation marketing: newsletter and workflows according to the visitor’s informational need
      2. Sectoral specialized media
      3. Business associations
      4. Chambers of Commerce
      5. LinkedIn
      6. Publication board
      7. Post Comments
      8. Advisory inquiries
      9. Recommendations and emotional actions
      10. Professional and sectorial groups
      11. Private messages
      12. In Mail messages
      13. Contact requests
        1. With message
        2. No message

With a thoughtful and non-impulsive approach, taking into account the nature of the message that we must energize in each of the aforementioned levers, we will be generating excuses for contact, conversation topics, generating a positive perception in the mind of our recipient and above all, providing valuable information that helps our potential clients to make their daily work easier.

Finally, to work on the qualification of opportunities in Social Selling, we must be very aware of the interactions that we generate and the conversations that we open or that open to us, for this reason we recover the key to the success of the strategy, do you remember it? Measure, measure and measure.


3. Identification of opportunities

Identifying opportunities is the direct result of continuously measuring the effectiveness of all the actions we have carried out in each of the stages of the prospecting and maturing process. For this reason, we insist on the importance of working on a good table of KPIs and of acquiring good routines and habits in commercial work. I have to add that the responsibility is not unique to the commercial team, the management must do active pedagogy and worry about doing a regular follow-up with the teams to convey the importance and benefits that this practice entails.

To end this chapter, I must explain what a sales opportunity is and a qualified lead for the sale:

  •  The concept of SQL and Opportunity:  it is no longer just a lead, but we have more information about it and it has shown some interest in our content, products or resources. The next step, when the MQL has been verified by the sales team, is SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), a user who is ready for sales and can become an Opportunity and future Customer.
  •  “License to disturb”: u nce we know the need of the person we have matured and has interacted with us or our content more qualifiers, we have license to call our contact to start a conversation. We can ask you about the assets you have consumed, your opinion. If we have worked on a good content plan that is aimed at satisfying information needs, and ultimately, content and materials that help our contacts and sales opportunities to make their day-to-day easier.
  • Detection of opportunities in lists of SQLs:  the concept of SQL, we must recognize it as that possible commercial opportunity. It must be dealt with personally to verify its validity by the commercial team and therefore, we must take as SQLs all those contacts who have completed the lead maturation process either on social platforms or thanks to the automation marketing tool.
  • Detection of opportunities on LinkedIn: the opportunity is located in any show of interest that your LinkedIn contacts demonstrate, whether in the content you post on your wall or boards, private messages and InMail or interactions. One tip, share content associated with the download form on the company’s website so that they are matured by marketing and help you make the job easier.


4. The Connect Call

During the next episode, we will cover everything related to the opening of the business opportunity, starting with the connection call, until the moment when we can put a unique and irresistible proposal on the table of our future B2B client.

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