Why You’ll Never Look at Cannabis the Same Way after Reading This Review

Cannabis has been around for centuries, but it is only recently that its use as a medicine or recreational drug has become socially acceptable. The medical world has long known the benefits of cannabis in treating everything from anxiety to nausea, and now research is showing that CBD may be better than THC at relieving pain. But how does this plant actually affect us? What are the side effects? And what are the best strains for different purposes? This review will answer these questions and more!

CBD Flower Review

CBD flower is thought to be best alternative to CBD products, which are usually made from hemp. Hemp contains only minute amounts of THC and is therefore not psychoactive.

However, it can be hard to grow with poor yields, whereas the cannabis plant actually produces flowers high in CBD. The flowering tops have a much more intense taste than other cannabinoids found in marijuana because they contain terpenes that give off earthy flavors along with anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD flower can be used in a variety of ways, but smoking is the most common way to experience its benefits. It can also be used in edibles or taken as CBD oil by placing drops under your tongue.

CBD flower has many different flavors that are just waiting to be discovered. Below are some examples:

  • Sweet Earthy Flavors – Like other cannabinoids found in cannabis, CBD flowers have earthy flavor profiles with notes of chocolate and vanilla when burned down low on the flame so it doesn’t combust completely. Sometimes these flavors may come off more pine-like if burned too hot since terpenes give off woodsy aromas along with being anti-inflammatory.

How CBD Flower Effect You?

CBD flower can effect you in many different ways depending on the strain you chose.

  • Head High – For those that are looking for a head high, varieties of CBD flower with higher levels of THC will be more effective at getting users to feel an uplifting feeling throughout their whole being, making them happy and relieving some stress along the way. This is great if someone wants to have fun or even go out in public without having anxiety about what people might think. While it can cause dry mouth, which really make take away from this experience for some people who enjoy eating while they smoke cannabis flowers.

Effects of CBD flower include

  • Reduces stress
  • Produces a sense of relaxation and deep sleep
  • Reduces or completely eliminates the need for medication in various conditions such as PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, seizures, depression and much more.

CBD Products vs CBD Flower

CBD products are great for those who are just starting to use CBD. You can buy them in many forms including tinctures, capsules, lotions and much more.

CBD flowers are a greener option that is also full of flavor. The only downside with using the flower form over products is you have less control over how much or little you take at one time compared to other methods such as vaping or taking it orally. However, this isn’t really an issue because there is usually no limit on how many times per day someone can ingest their dosage of cannabis by smoking flowers either.


CBD flower can provide you benefits just as CBD products can. The biggest difference between CBD flower and CBD products are the dosage, how much you can do at one time for your dose, effects of smoking vs how it is ingested orally.

No matter which product you choose CBD flower or CBD products you can find the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.